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Why Joseph Gordon-Levitt will henceforth be housed in my bedroom closet.

Hey! You guys! There is this movie called Inception! It has a fandom and oodles of fic and about every variation of pairing you could want! And suddenly Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a hotass? I missed out on the obligatory childhood crush on him and now, apparently, I am making up for it.

Why is he hot? His random poses of badassery, perhaps.

Or his random wacky hijinks in a giant hamster ball.

His inability to stay on the ground?

(And that is without using any pics from Inception or any of the countless other photoshoots in which he is leaping, jumping, perching, or otherwise being very flexible.)


(Also he thinks getting injured during filming is kinda cool? IDEK. See: any interview about Inception when he talks about the wirework, or the video below in which he smashed into the back window of a taxi and immediately made his director film it.)

Or perhaps it's his ability to lounge well in a suit?

Or his ability to remove said suit.


But maybe it's because of his ridiculous FACE.


Or maybe he is hot because of his mind and his work and the ideals he holds about culture and art and community?

"To be honest," he says, "I sort of feel like 'movie actor' isn't of this time. I love it. But it's a 20th-century art form." The creative pioneer of the new era, he posits, is "the DJ, the curator, the remix artist, the person who confronts the superabundance, plucks out the gems, and puts them together in such a way that it means something." Details.

(A pretty neat interview where he talks about his HitRECord project and then sings a song.)

He also gets pissed off at paparazzi, but in a classy way where no one gets punched in the face.

“Look, I’ve met some nice guys who take pictures like that. I don’t want to demonize anybody. But I do think that this notion that certain people are in a higher class than other people is unhealthy. We would be healthier as a people if we quit paying attention to that kind of bullshit and paid more attention to more pertinent things and more beautiful things.”

Plus he dances AND sings, respectively.

Yes. He sang "(You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman." There is also a recording where he sings "Express Yourself" and his voice is all hoarse and wrecked and not particularly GOOD but... um... well, I am now internet stalking him, so I cannot be objective.

So, yeah. There's that. And school starts tomorrow? Sigh.

I am currently rewatching Ten Things I Hate About You and pondering lesson plans, but later this evening I might post a vid? It is one that's been sitting on my hard drive for a few weeks, so I should do something with it, even though it's entirely ridiculous. It is also (sadly) unrelated to anything else in this post. But it does have vampires?
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