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Festivids letter! No longer a placeholder!

Thank you so much for vidding for me, Festivid vidder and/or treater! This letter is mostly what I included in my requests, but there might be the odd clarification or additional note. Most of all, I'd like you to have fun and not stress out too much about your assignment -- there's nothing on this list that I wouldn't enjoy seeing in vid form, any vid form.

General likes and dislikes (mostly copied from last year's letter, so may seem familiar)

Sorts of vids that I like: character studies, explorations of the interactions between characters (shippy or not), universe vids. Vids that are hopeful, dark, thoughtful, heartfelt, humorous, or engaging with the source in any other genuine way. Basically, I'm feeling it as long as you're feeling it!

Sorts of music that I like: If the vid is good, I can like pretty much any song. Go with your gut. My personal tastes run more toward alternative/indie/folk/rock/blues/pop/hip-hop etc. (sort of in that order -- but basically, any and every-thing) with the exception of anything overly shrill or contemporary country. But I am pretty easy.

Things I dislike (or at least am not as fond of): straight-up parody unless it's REALLY spot-on, over-the-top literalism unless with purpose, any character-shaming. (I doubt any of these things would happen in capable hands -- I just wanted to give a few examples for perspective!

And I always say this, but I love vids and vidding for vidding's sake. I don't care if you vid a character or pairing I don't care about, I just want to see the vid you want to make for the source. Vids can MAKE me care.

The Addams Family Films [Movie]

Just not the theme song or any of its variations, please.

I recently rewatched both these films and fell in love all over again. MY PEOPLE. I love everybody and would like pretty much any sort of vid. The epic love of Gomez and Morticia? The friends-with-benefits arrangement between Fester and Thing? (CANON.) A Wednesday Addams character study? Whatever you want, as long as it's creepy and it's spooky and altogether kooky.

Belle (2013) [Movie]

Belle was such a lovely film! I'd really dig anything you choose to do with it, but a vid focusing on Belle and/or her relationship with Davinier would be awesome.

Kings (2009) [TV]

I love Sebastian Stan's faaaace, but it's not what drew me to the show -- I love the rich symbolism and the interesting ways in which they've adapted the biblical tale. It's a show I've actually vidded myself in the past, so it might be cool if your vid were about different themes or situations than the ones I've personally tackled before, but if the spirit moves you, go with it! If you need more direction, I think a Rose character study would be really neat, or maybe a vid about the twins that draws out the sibling connection that often got shortchanged by the show itself, or just three minutes of Ian McShane's face... I'm easy.

The Pretender [TV]

I request this fandom every year in hope! There aren't nearly enough Pretender vids. I loved pretty much everything about the show, and it would be easy to go light OR dark with the vid's focus -- or both at once.

And here are my additional details from last year: It'd be fab to see a Miss Parker vid. Or Broots! Or Sydney! Or all three, and how their uneasy alliance turns into friendship and trust in the face of the Centre and all its creepiness. <3 But I also love Jarod and I love the conspiracies and I even love the occasional clone. You could pretty much vid anything.

Slings and Arrows [TV]

I love Geoffrey Tennant the best, but a Darren Nichols vid might be amazing. If you pursue the latter option, feel free to add pyrotechnics.

Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) [Movie]

I think for me this was actually a really unsatisfying film, but I'm requesting it because the visuals were GORGEOUS and the characters were so close to interesting, and all I could think while I was watching it was, "This would make an AMAZING vid." Please, make that vid! And don't feel self-conscious if you totally loved the movie -- just go ahead and make the vid you would want to see for it, cause I'm pretty sure that's the same vid I'd like to see.

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