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Festivids! The vids I liked!

I've now watched a good-size chunk of the masterlist, although not everything -- however, I need to go ahead and post some recs before reveals are suddenly upon us.

First, I absolutely ADORED the vids made for me this year: two Snow White and the Huntsman vids, one focusing on Snow's fantastical journey and the other on Queen Ravenna and her delicious machinations, both gorgeous and arguably far better than the film itself: A Hazy Shade of Winter and Mirrors; and one Slings & Arrows vid which revels in the determination and multifacetedness of director Darren Nichols: Shake It Off. Thank you so much, anonymous vidders!

Some Other Festivids Recs (so far; in order by source):

Kinky Neighbors (Batman - Adam West) -- Adorable and fun. This is all canon, right?

Bad Girls (Bitch Slap) -- I could probably watch Bitch Slap vids all day long, in theory -- are there more than two now? -- but this one is particularly awesome and slyly funny.

Dynamite (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) -- I think this might've been the first vid I clicked on after watching my own Festivid gifts, and it was so worth it.

Glorious (The Eagle) -- Epic and beautiful. I've seen this movie like seven times and this vid makes it look new again.

Always a Good Time (Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) -- My boyfriend and I were arguing over whether Hansel & Gretel was any good, and I showed him this vid. Not sure it convinced him, but he did agree that the vid was pretty great.

Through the Deep Dark Woods (How to Get Away with Murder) -- I've never seen this show, but I probably will never get around to it because I'll be too busy watching this over and over. Effective use of song choice, damn.

Spectrum (JLA/DC Trinity) -- Damnit, DC Comics, you still give me feelings. At least when a vid is this gorgeous and well-edited.

Can't Pretend and Take Me to Church (Luther) -- I want to wallow in the beautiful fucked-upness of these vids all day long and draw hearts around Luther and Alice.

Infinite (Perks of Being a Wallflower) -- In which I revisit being 14, the age when I read this book over and over and cried and cried at the beautiful imagery and emotional gutpunches, all of which are beautifully translated through this vid (and, I suppose, the movie, but I haven't seen it).

Moves Like Yahweh (Prince of Egypt) -- I shrieked the first time I watched this, and it's still excellent and hilarious when I know what's coming.

Grow Old with Me (Six Feet Under) -- Friend and fellow vidder [personal profile] trelkez watched me watch this vid, and she was all, "Wait, are you having feelings? Is this vid giving you feelings? Is that a tear?" YES. YES IT WAS.

Au Port (Triplets of Belleville) -- So absorbing and surreal, much like the film. So pretty!

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