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Festivids letter!

Hi Festivids vidder! I'm so excited you're making a vid for me. (And anyone else who stumbles across this letter and gets inspired -- thanks and I hope you have fun! I love vid treats!)

You'll find that this is basically the same as my sign-up letter, but if you feel the need for more direction -- or at least, more of an idea of what I like -- I'm including some general likes and dislikes. (I've copied these from last year's letter, as my tastes haven't changed that much!)

Sorts of vids that I like: character studies, explorations of the interactions between characters (shippy or not), universe vids. Vids that are hopeful, dark, thoughtful, heartfelt, humorous, or engaging with the source in any other genuine way. Basically, I'm feeling it as long as you're feeling it!

Sorts of music that I like: If the vid is good, I can like pretty much any song. Go with your gut. My personal tastes run more toward alternative/indie/folk/rock/blues/pop/hip-hop etc. (sort of in that order -- but basically, any and every-thing) with the exception of anything overly shrill (but let's face it, I'm into Kate Bush and Joanna Newsome so) or contemporary country. But I am pretty easy.

Things I dislike (or at least am not as fond of): straight-up parody unless it's REALLY spot-on, over-the-top literalism unless with purpose, any character-shaming. (I doubt any of these things would happen in capable hands -- I just wanted to give a few examples for perspective!

And I always say this, but I love vids and vidding for vidding's sake. I don't really care if you vid a character or pairing I don't care about, I just want to see the vid you want to make for the source. Vids can MAKE me care.

Long Way Round/Down (TV)
BFFs <3 I actually never saw the second series, but feel free to use it in the vid, too -- up to you. I'm into Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman's friendship and their wacky hijinks on the road -- so, basically the show.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2014) (Movie - SAFETY)
I've never seen the original Man from U.N.C.L.E. (gasp) but this movie was a heck of a lot of fun -- stylish, kind of ridiculous, kind of made for fans. I do slash it. I also OT3 it. I'd also be down for a serious (or not so serious) character study, or a fun, breezy, action vid ... or any combination of those you'd like to try.

The Mighty Boosh (TV)
I LOVE VINCE AND HOWARD AND THEY ARE IN LOVE. If you want to just portray them as really good friends, that's fine, but then I don't know what you're going to do with all the leftover homoeroticism and the kissing. I will also accept: a vid about the true and pure love between Howard and Old Gregg; a vid about Vince's amazing outfits and face; a vid about Howard's manly magnetism; a vid about whatever you want because omg.

I would prefer not to accept: a vid all about the Moon (I don't know, he creeps me out! I have to close my eyes and ears whenever the Moon appears, so, your vid might be really awesome and I might say nice things about it but I would not actually have watched it in the strictest sense); any vid focusing a lot on their more unfortunately racist caricatures (the occasional shaman is to be expected with this show, but I'm pretty sure some blackface happened, too?); any scenes of Tony Harrison making unwanted advances with his neck appendages.

Over the Garden Wall (TV - SAFETY)
This is an adorable series and one that reminds me really strongly of the fucked-up childrens books I read as a kid. Go wild. If you need a little more direction, I think the glimpse we got into frog society was pretty terrific, and the pumpkin village scared the bejeezus out of me. And I really love Greg.

(The Pretender TV series opening intro on Youtube-- no embedding available)

The Pretender (TV)
My one repeat request, every year! Vid what you want. I love everything about this show. (With the possible exception of Miss Parker's dad, but you could make that vid work for me with the right song.) I love Jarod the most, but I also love the trio of Broots, Miss Parker, and Sydney, and I'd be really into a vid for them, too. Or a vid about the Centre and its many levels of conspiracies. (And clones! Love some clones.)

Tracker (2001) (TV)
You know, I'm pretty sure I watched most of this show, but it was 14 years ago and I don't remember much of it except that Adrian Paul was pretty. Make of this what you will. It seems like a show that'd be great for a "good parts edition" vid.

What We Do in the Shadows (Movie)
New Zealand vampire documentaries are the best. I'd be happy with a vid focusing on any aspect of the movie -- I love it all -- but it could be fun to play around with all the vampire tropes that are referenced.

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