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Call for Merlin vid recs!

Hi all! In August, I'll be modding a 2-hour panel at VividCon about Merlin vidding -- blurb as follows:

How Do I Get You Alone: Making Magic out of BBC's Merlin
The story of King Arthur of Camelot, filled with chivalry, sorcery, and tragedy, has inspired transformative works for hundreds of years. How did vidders react to BBC's Merlin and its sometimes magical, sometimes troublesome take on this classic narrative? We'll watch and discuss a curated assortment of vids made over the course of Merlin's five seasons, specifically those with an emphasis on "transformative": vids which reimagine, reinvent, or even transgress against the show's established narrative, and which either celebrate or rebel against the omnipresent specter of established Arthurian "canon." Also: singing dragons. (The first hour of this panel will be in vidshow format, and the second will be heavily discussion-based with additional example vids and clips.)


I'm really excited to get to revisit some of the excellent fanworks that came about because of this show, and already have quite the folder of vids that I'd like to use, but I would welcome ANY recs of Merlin vids y'all remember being interesting, formative, or off-the-beaten-path. If you happen to rec me something I've already found, that'll just cement that vid as being important to other people, too!

That said, I do have a few specific types of vids for which I'd especially welcome more examples. Please hit me up if you know any vids matching one or more of the following tropes: Mordred-centric, Gwen-centric, focused on seasons 4 & 5 (especially pre-finale), focused on side characters (Tristan & Isolde, the knights, etc.), reincarnation or modern AUs (especially post-finale), 5x13 fix-it vids, and general show and/or fandom critiques. Self-recs are welcome!

I'll be sure to post the finalized playlist (and probably some commentary + additional vid links) sometime in August after the panel, for anyone who's interested.

Also, VividCon is still looking for a few more panel submissions/volunteers -- more information here!

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