allowed to randomly offer accidental insight. (sweetestdrain) wrote,
allowed to randomly offer accidental insight.

Hello, social media platforms!

I'm currently browsing the Dreamwidth Friending Meme, and given my inability to post more than once a year, I'll probably subscribe to a few folks but mostly lurk. I'll be continuing to lurk at Livejournal, too, but the recent developments there have definitely made me more inspired to build up my DW presence, such as it is.

I also just realized I never posted my last...five? six?...vids here -- so stay tuned for those. They do seem to be mostly up on AO3 and Youtube, so if you'd like, you can keep track of my fannish output in one of those spots. I've also got a list of Merlin vid recs from the fandom panel I ran at VividCon last year that I need to share with y'all. So maybe I WILL be posting more than once a year. Who knows?

Other updates: Vidding is still my primary fandom. I like TV shows. My inner eleven-year-old is super psyched because Star Wars is BACK. Also very excited about American Gods. And I am getting married in the fall. (Whaaat.)

P.S. I ALMOST FORGOT. I am on Twitter as @sweetestdrain. That might actually be where to find my social media presence. I tweet every two months!

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