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Catching up -- vids from 2019!

I've been sadly neglectful of my Dreamwidth account -- if you want to keep up with my vidding output, AO3 or Youtube are probably the most up-to-date! -- but I want to do better, so here's a round-up of the vids I've made since my last vid post on here. In order, with some additional notes!

sweetestdrain's vids from 2019 (+ a bonus 2020 vid)

  • The Bad Touch (The Try Guys, song by Bloodhound Gang)
    "Let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel." Or: What WILL they try next? | The Try Guys! They're vaguely obnoxious and I love them and their joyfully homoerotic energy. This is part two of my unofficial Buzzfeed vid series that began with Shane Madej in D.I.S.C.O. My goal was to make this vid both as dirty and literal as possible. Keith's giant mouth helped. And yes, I ship it.

  • Live Through This (Supernatural, co-vidded with [personal profile] sisabet ft. guest vidder [personal profile] luminosity, album by Hole)
    "fuck you, make me real" | I'm incredibly proud of what we did with this project and even a year later (and after having yet again kicked the Supernatural habit... for now), I'm very happy it's finished and in the world. Twelve vids about the women of this show, filled with as much love and fury we could muster. Quite a bit of fury, admittedly. We're kind of angry about some stuff.

  • Mykonos (Highlander, song by Fleet Foxes)
    Brother, you don't need to turn me away. | I promised [personal profile] trelkez this Joe/Methos vid years ago and finally delivered.

  • You Know What I Mean (The Heroic Trio, song by Cults)
    Cause I am afraid of the light, yeah, you know what I mean. | It was a delight to vid this for Cara Marie -- I'd never seen the source before and it was so much fun and full of ass-kicking women with Secret Pasts.

  • Stars (William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet, song by Hercules and Love Affair ft. ANOHNI)
    Ask for me to-morrow, and you shall find me a grave man. | Mercutio was always my favorite from this film, and I got to vid him for absternr! I actually pumped up the colors quite a bit on this vid -- a ridiculous thing to do to Baz Luhrmann footage, maybe, but I think it made the movie match how I remembered it.

  • My Hero (Batman films, song by Foo Fighters)
    He's not the hero Batman deserves, he's the hero Batman needs. | I have mixed feelings about the portrayal of Dick Grayson in Joel Schumacher's films but Bruce loves him a lot and that's all that matters. (I also wanted to 90s it up as much as possible because [personal profile] elipie deserves it.)

  • Praise You (Buzzfeed: Worth It, song by Fatboy Slim)
    Like I should. | Part three of my unintentional Buzzfeed trilogy, this time with less(?) homoeroticism. It's about the food! And two men enjoying food together. Sometimes three men. And their friends. (Dedicated to [personal profile] what_alchemy, especially the baguettes.)

  • Get Free (Stranger Things, song by The Vines)
    Ride into the sun. | LISTEN. I'm sorry. I don't like Billy. I don''t like him at all. But there's something happening there and it's something real sad.

  • Close to Flame (Good Omens, song by Future Islands)
    My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. | Haha so this vid got blocked by YouTube due to the song so this is the first time I'm posting it ANYWHERE outside of the con where it premiered. I had a lot of Aziraphale feelings a few months ago and they're ALL IN HERE.

  • Electric Blue (Riverdale, song by Arcade Fire)
    I don't know how to sing your blues. | Betty Cooper has some problems. And Riverdale continues to be my favorite show on television right now. That probably says something about me but I bet it's something amazing.

  • Hunger (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, song by Florence + The Machine)
    We never found the answer, but we knew one thing. | I was so happy that [personal profile] dirty_diana asked for a Nebula vid in Equinox because I got to wallow in all my Gina Torres feelings for three minutes. Pirate queens are the best and I might've imprinted a bit.

  • When You Break (Marvel's The Avengers, song by Bear's Den)
    Tell me another beautiful lie. | Made for [personal profile] destina in last year's FanWorks Auction. This vid was the best kind of challenge -- the kind where every stumbling block ended up making the vid SO MUCH BETTER -- and [personal profile] destina had excellent ideas and an excellent eye for what wasn't working and why. It was really fun to make and ended up as sort of an ode to (or elegy for?) the Avengers films that could have been.


    Okay I discovered while making this post that I had not one but THREE vids missing from AO3 from the past year. I have no idea what else isn't up there. That might be a project for a different day, though, because this post took me what feels like countless hours. My Dreamwidth muscles are rusty! But here are some vids!

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